Learn The Secret Strategies Used By Sam Walton (And Other Great Self-Made Entrepreneurs) For Starting A Business With Low Risk And Big Success

I was the first researcher granted access to the Walmart Museum's archives. Using that, along with thousands hours of my own research on history's greatest self-made entrepreneurs, such as Walt Disney and Estée Lauder, I created a quick-start tool that anyone can use to minimize risk by measuring the likelihood of success for a particular business idea .

By using my "Bootstrapped Business Development Tool" you will get a blueprint for turning your business idea into a profitable low risk company through billion dollar success secrets from Walt Disney, Sam Walton, and other great self-made entrepreneurs.

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    This tool includes my unique "Bedrock Business Formula" that helps you create a feasible business plan and tells you exactly how much your idea will cost to bring to market (without taking on risky investments).
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    After taking my startup personality quiz (derived from universal qualities found among Sam Walton, Estée Lauder, and other great business leaders) you will know your exact strengths, weaknesses, and have a roadmap for making your first hire.
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    You will realize the exact amount of time it will take for your business to become profitable so you can be financially prepared for entrepreneurship. 

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