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September 29, 2012

Achieving Entrepreneurial Success

What is entrepreneurial success?

  • Getting a company launched?
  • Being the boss?
  • Creating jobs for others?
  • Making money (or creating social value if a non-profit)?
  • Creating an enterprise that matters to customers and employees alike?

Most entrepreneurs can succeed at getting a company launched and being the boss. I want to challenge and help entrepreneurs to achieve all 5 objectives on the list, which will require you to achieve the status of Entrepreneurial Leader (EL). This will require serious work. If you are up for the challenge then read on.

In a previous post titled Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills I mentioned that Entrepreneurial Leaders need to master 3 broad skill sets: Relationship Building, Self-Awareness, and Enterprise Basics. Here is what I mean:

Relationship Building: Understanding what you can do to create and build powerful relationships that will help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions. I will describe what relationships are all about and discuss some simple techniques to improve almost any relationship in future posts.

Self-Awareness: What are your motivations, traits, and skills and how can you use them to achieve your personal goals – which in our case will focus on the goal of becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader. I will point you to some techniques you can use to start cataloging your motivations, traits, and skills and how you can put together strategies for leveraging your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses.

Enterprise Basics: How do enterprises work and what do they need from their leaders at each stage of their maturity. I describe a simple model for how enterprises work in another post.

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