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September 27, 2012

Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills

An Entrepreneurial Leader (EL) is more than an entrepreneur and a leader combined. An EL must be both selfish and selfless at the same time. And that requires plenty of skill.

Let me define ‘skill’; it is the ability to perform a prescribed task. Skills can be learned although each person may demonstrate a greater or lesser ability to perform the task under different types of conditions (i.e., levels of competence).

An EL must know how to create and build relationships. An entrepreneur cannot accomplish very much by himself. He needs to get loads of other people to help. Relationship Building is a skill that can be learned.

An EL is the anchor to all of his relationships. He must understand what he can and cannot contribute to the success of any relationship. This means an EL must understand his own strengths and weaknesses. This involves understanding your inner drives and fears. This can be scary.

Finally, anyone that is going to grow an enterprise must have some basic understanding about how enterprises operate and mature. Enterprises are very demanding of their leaders and what they demand frequently changes. Many entrepreneurs fail because they continue to do what used to make an enterprise successful but may now be the wrong thing to do.

Three broad skills are required of all ELs: Relationship Building, Self-Awareness, and Enterprise Basics

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