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June 6, 2018

RJ Friedlander, Achieving Rapid Growth While Minimizing Risk – From The Ground Up (Ep. 5)

On episode 5 of From The Ground Up, I sit down with RJ Friedlander, an entrepreneur and investor based in Barcelona. He is the Founder & CEO of ReviewPro, the world leader in Guest Intelligence for the hotel industry. RJ has more than 20 years experience in Internet and technology in Europe, the US and Asia. Immediately prior to leading ReviewPro from initial idea through to successful exit, he worked for 10 years as a senior executive of Grupo Planeta, one of Spain’s largest media companies.

In this interview, RJ and I discuss a variety of topics, such as:

– The story of ReviewPro and the execution process in transforming an idea into a thriving company
– A look into the hospitality technology space and how ReviewPro satisfies the needs of the industry
– How ReviewPro has grown to over 30,000 clients over seven years—and the secrets behind achieving rapid growth while minimizing risk
– And more

Click here to learn more about RJ Friedlander.

Click here to learn more about ReviewPro.

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About From The Ground Up:
Hosted by entrepreneur, author and Princeton Professor Derek Lidow, From The Ground Up uncovers the not-so-secret strategies of self-made business owners. Featuring conversations with entrepreneurs who built influential brands and companies, Derek weaves a narrative journey about how successful business are created without having to shoot for the moon or take on unnecessary risk; how the greatest companies are the ones that are built, from the ground up.

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