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August 5, 2020

How To Get Big Tech To Behave Better

Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much these days, but many Congressmen, on both sides of the aisle, are united in their hostility to Big Tech. That disdain was on full display July 29, when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim…

June 15, 2020

How Entrepreneurs Can Lead The Way To Social Justice

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police in the midst of a deadly pandemic and widespread unemployment has galvanized millions of people to risk infection to protest systemic racism. So many, in fact, that this…

December 21, 2018

Fast Company: 7 Best Business Books Of 2018

“These days, entrepreneurship is often synonymous with tech startups and venture funding. But that’s not the reality for a lot of business owners. CEO, entrepreneur, and business professor Derek Lidow gets into the heart of what it really takes to…

October 22, 2018

Five Essential Leadership Skills For Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur faces a unique set of hurdles, depending on whether they want to sell sausages, software, services, smartphone apps, or whatever. But regardless of the type of enterprise, the underlying leadership skills required for success are the same. No one…

October 4, 2018

‘Building On Bedrock’ Is Now Available On Audiobook!

Here’s an astounding fact: Over half the working population will try their hand at being an entrepreneur during their working career. We all dream to some extent about achieving some combination of the fortune, fame, and control over our lives…